Final Prep For Back To School

Throughout the month of July, I have stressed on Social Media,  that contrary to popular belief, estate planning starts at 18! In my last blog Is Your Baby Truly Ready, I told you that even if you are paying all of their expenses, you canNOT access financial and educational records, Continue reading

Is Your Baby Truly Ready?

It’s a new month, so its time for a new theme! This month, we are shifting our focus from Elder Law, to focus on our young adults and college babies! It’s already July, which means it’s almost time for back to school. Some are flying the nest for the first time, some are going hours Continue reading

“Bookybear” Goes to College!

So little Andrew AKA “Bookybear” is almost off to college. You’re so proud! Before he leaves, you’ll make sure your “Bookybear” is all set. You’re still very concerned about his in/ability to do laundry, but that can’t go on the list… or could it!?! You both came up with essentials Continue reading

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