Everything You Need to Know About Estate Planning: Building a Legacy, Brick by Brick

Estate planning – the term might evoke images of dusty wills and complicated legalese. But in reality, it’s about something far more empowering: building a lasting legacy and ensuring your wishes are carried out with clarity and respect. Here at The Autonomy Group, we believe that Continue reading

Navigating the Golden Years with Confidence: Essential Elder Law Considerations

As we navigate life’s journey, the golden years hold immense promise: a time for well-deserved rest, cherished relationships, and enjoying the fruits of our labor. But with advancing age comes the need to consider how we can best protect ourselves and ensure the well-being of loved Continue reading

Earth Day Legacy: Planting Seeds for a Sustainable Future

Earth Day is a powerful reminder of our responsibility to nurture the planet for generations to come. But what if the seeds you sow extend beyond gardens and green spaces? Here at The Autonomy Group, we believe that creating a sustainable future for our families is just as important Continue reading

Plan Your Legacy, Not Myths: Estate Planning Truths

Estate planning. The term itself can conjure up images of dusty wills and complicated legalese. But what if the biggest hurdle to securing your legacy is simply a collection of myths and misconceptions?

At The Autonomy Group, we understand that navigating the world of estate planning Continue reading

Increased Funding for Elders & The Disabled

President Biden has introduced a plan to spend $400 billion over eight years on home and community-based care for the elderly and people with disabilities. The money would go to expand access to care and support higher-paying caregiving jobs.

As the elderly population grows, our Continue reading

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