The Autonomy Group, PC, has experience helping executors administer a will, called the probate process.  We guide our clients through each step of the probate process. Our firm’s approach empowers the executor by letting them know what to expect and when each step in the probate process will be completed. This also helps avoid family conflicts.  As the personal representatives named in a will, our attorney can effectively work to ensure the property of your loved one’s estate is properly distributed. As part of duties as personal representative, we:

  • Gather estate assets
  • Provide notice for all interested parties
  • Pay debts, including taxes
  • Distribute the remaining assets according to the direction of a will

Without proper administration, your loved ones could face court hearings and other costly legal matters before your estate can be distributed.


If you feel a loved one’s will is legally defective, we can help you contest the validity of his or her will. Certain legal parameters control whether or not you can litigate or go to court to have the will overturned. If you feel undue influence or threats were used to cause a relative to alter his or her will for the purpose of personal gain, we may be able to help. Other legal factors that can affect a will’s validity can include:

  • The deceased’s state of mind when the will was written
  • Any medical conditions or situations affecting the deceased
  • Improper signatures or witnesses
  • Fraud, forgery or other unlawful means used to obtain the will