Increased Funding for Elders & The Disabled

President Biden has introduced a plan to spend $400 billion over eight years on home and community-based care for the elderly and people with disabilities. The money would go to expand access to care and support higher-paying caregiving jobs.

As the elderly population grows, our Continue reading

Keeping Your 40 Acres & Mule Part 2

Earlier this month, I shared that I was deeply, deeply, deeply concerned about some of the statistics regarding African American Wealth. Sadly, the wealth gap in America between African Americans and other races continues to grow, and is only projected to get worse. Last week, I told Continue reading

Keeping Your 40 Acres & Mule

So, in the month of January, affectionately renamed ‘I Kicked My Full-Time Gig & Am Now Retired’ month, we provided a number of retirement tips geared towards those who were newly retired, and applying for Social Security Retirement Benefits for the first time in 2019. This month, Continue reading

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