Hi, I’m Soraya, thanks for stopping by! Are you ready to protect your legacy? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

A little about me: I’m originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and immigrated to the United States at the age of 9. If you know anything about where I’m from, you already understand why security, personal autonomy, and legacy are so important to me. I view the world very differently from most people. I believe in working hard for the things I want and need, and I try my best to plan for the unexpected, so I can maintain my freedom. By the age of 9, It was abundantly clear to me that the world was made up of two classes of people. I experienced first-hand, how vastly different life can be for the haves and the have nots, even when exposed to the same elements. Furthermore, I learned that wealth and prosperity is multifaceted, is not always defined by a dollar sign.

After graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Arts from Livingstone College, I knew I needed job security, but I really wanted to help people. This desire to help others lead to a ten-year career with the Social Security Administration, where I helped people whose lives were changing because of retirement, disability, or the death of a loved one. It didn’t matter where they lived. In my opinion, they too could be placed in one of two categories. Those who prepared, and those who prepared not. Oftentimes, those who prepared were far less anxious about their future when faced with the unexpected than those who prepared not.

I can’t say I always wanted to be an attorney, because if you asked six years old Soraya, she would have told you she planned to become a Pediatrician. Somewhere along my journey, but not long after watching the movie legally blond, I was convinced that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to, no matter where I came from. I believe I was destined to advocate for people and help them find strategies to protect the things that matter most to them. While working as a full-time public servant, I decided to go back to school part-time, allowing me to earn my law degree, and a license to practice.

I wanted to continue serving the public. In fact, if you asked me how I intended to do that in 2017, I would have told you that I planned to pursue a legal role with my employer, in hopes that my hard work would have an even greater impact. However, I soon began to feel like I was simply not doing enough. Yes, my amazing colleagues and I helped many, but It became increasingly more difficult to look at people who were coming to me for guidance because of my expertise, nodding, saying my usual “I understand”, knowing that I wasn’t at liberty or otherwise lacked the time and resources to offer ALL possible solutions. Sure, I was able to help thousands over the course of a decade, but I was limited to helping people within the scope of my job. Furthermore, my job was to help people, while protecting my employer’s interest. Unfortunately, balancing the two didn’t always sit well with my spirit.

Today, I’m dedicated to helping seniors, individuals, and families with special needs protect their loved ones, and preserve a legacy for future generations. Over the past decade, I’ve helped thousands of individuals and families just like yours navigate through retirement, death, disability, as well as other complex issues associated with aging, while offering only a limited menu of solutions. If you choose me to protect your interests, I’m certain I can craft a solution to help you achieve your goals.

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