Age Ain’t nothing But A Number!

March Madness is still in full-swing!!! But, as much as I love watching the talented Zion Williamson take over the court, I’m still not a Duke Basketball fan…Go Carolina!! Last week, I shared with you that even in the best circumstances, with your most trusted people, items, or brands, the unexpected can happen. And if it does, and you’re unprepared, someone can get hurt. This week, I want to highlight another great college basketball player who you may not remember. Maybe you’ve never even heard the name…Len bias.

Len bias was actually a very talented college basketball player, who played for the University of Maryland. In the late 80s, Len Bias was a force to be reckoned with. In 1986, Len Bias was drafted by the Boston Celtics as the second overall draft pick. If you know anything about the Celtics in the late 80’s and early 90’s, you already know Len Bias was well on his way to becoming a champion. People who know far more about basketball than I do say that if he had the opportunity, he certainly would have given Michael Jordan a run for his money, because he was THAT good. Unfortunately, we’ll never know, because just two short days after being drafted by the Boston Celtics, Len bias died tragically of a heart attack. Talk about unexpected!

Len bias was only 22 years old… 22! Now, I didn’t do any research about his family dynamics, whether or not he had an estate plan, children or what transpired after his death. But the only lesson you should gleam from this story, is that when it comes to planning, age is completely irrelevant. The sooner the better.

So, if you didn’t know that when it comes to proactive planning, age Ain’t nothing but a number, now you know!

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