Plan For The Unexpected…Avoid The Madness Part II

March Madness is still in Full-swing. Who are you rooting for? I’m with Carolina. Well, I’m actually with any team that isn’t Duke. Last week, I told you that you should absolutely NOT treat your Estate Plan like your bracket. Unlike your bracket, your Estate Plan can and most certainly should be updated as often as your circumstances change, or when something simply doesn’t work for you anymore. Some of you are probably reading this blog, believing that none of this applies to you. After all, you have a strong family. Your people have your back. You can rest easy, because there are people in you corner you can trust. My goal is not to scare you, but what if the unexpected happens and you’re not prepared? What if the people who have your back walk-away? What if your most trusted loved ones abuse or breach your trust?

Well…last month, something truly truly truly unexpected happened in a college basketball game between Carolina and Duke University. If you follow college basketball or live in the Carolinas, you’ve probably heard the name Zion Williamson. This young man is a freshman at Duke University. If you haven’t heard the name, you probably will, because he is a star basketball player who is widely expected to be the number one NBA draft pick. Last month’s game was such a big game that former President Obama was there, and the tickets were more expensive than Super Bowl tickets. While doing his thing on the court, Zion’s shoe literally ripped open. His foot went through the shoe, injuring his knee. Talk about unexpected!

These were not dollar store shoes, they were Nike shoes. Odds are, you probably have a pair of Nike shoes. I personally own several. Nike has been around for about 55 years. Although they haven’t been around as long as some other brands, they’ve been around long enough to be considered a trusted brand. They’ve provided shoes for college and professional basketball players for a number of years. People trust Nike. This incident was totally unexpected. Unfortunately, when the unexpected happens, someone is likely to get hurt. In this case, there’s absolutely nothing this young man could have done to prevent injuring his knee. This was totally not his fault. He could not have planned for the unexpected, but you can!  The unexpected can happen even in the best situations, and they can involve your most trusted peeps.  So, do your due diligence. Plan for the unexpected, so you can minimize or avoid injury to yourself and others.



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