Weathering the Storm: Disaster Preparedness and Estate Planning for Black Families


Black History Month is a time to celebrate resilience, achievements, and cultural heritage. But it’s also an opportunity to reflect on the ongoing challenges faced by the Black community, including vulnerability to disasters and lack of access to resources. Proactive planning, including disaster preparedness and estate planning, is crucial for building a stronger, more secure future for Black families.


Here’s how proactive planning empowers Black communities

  • Protects loved ones: Clear instructions regarding your wishes ensure your family is cared for, even in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Preserves assets: Estate planning minimizes financial burdens and secures wealth for future generations.
  • Promotes informed decision-making: Prepared families can navigate emergencies with clarity and confidence.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Knowing your affairs are in order provides peace of mind during difficult times.
  • Strengthens community resilience: Collective preparedness empowers entire neighborhoods to recover from disasters.

Resources for Building a Proactive Plan

Embrace the Power of Preparation

Black History Month is a powerful reminder of the importance of collective strength and foresight. By investing in disaster preparedness and estate planning, we can honor our ancestors’ struggle and build a legacy of resilience for future generations.


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Remember, disaster preparedness is not just about surviving the storm; it’s about thriving beyond it. Let’s create a future where every Black family is prepared to weather any challenge and celebrate the promise of tomorrow.


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