How to Save Your Loved Ones Stress By Planning Your Own Funeral

Photo by Catalin Paterau / Unsplash
Photo by Catalin Paterau / Unsplash

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Trying to figure out funeral plans, and trying to figure out how to pay for those plans, can feel overwhelming when you are also trying to deal with grief. So how can you save your own family from the heartache and hassle when your time comes? Today, The Autonomy Group shares some essential tips to help plan out your last wishes, create your estate plan, and make sure that any financial issues are resolved before your family has to deal with them while grieving.


Compare Insurance Policies and Companies

Burial insurance is a must if you want to ensure your last wishes are carried out, but you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed about shopping for the right plan or buying that plan from a reputable company. It helps to understand some of the basic definitions before you start to research policy options.

Burial insurance is primarily meant to help with costs directly related to funeral arrangements, but with added coverage and proper planning, you can also ensure that your loved ones will have enough left over to help out with any remaining medical bills or debts that you may leave behind.

Final expense or burial insurance is a great option for folks who want coverage without spending a lot of money, but you will need to plan your arrangements carefully to keep costs under your policy amount. If you need additional coverage or have a family that depends on you for income or care, then consider choosing another life insurance policy.


Research Traditional and Alternative Burial Options

CNBC explains financial considerations can be one of the most critical elements of any effort to pre-plan a funeral, especially since dying seems to be getting more expensive with each passing year. Most families end up scrambling to come up with the $10,000 or more it can take to pay for a funeral and burial, and many of these mourners turn to crowdfunding when their loved ones do not have enough life insurance.

Traditional burial costs also include the additional expense of purchasing a plot of land, so this may not be your best bet if your main concern is keeping funeral expenses low for your loved ones. Cremation is gaining popularity these days due to concerns about costs and the environment, and nowadays there are many interesting things that can be done with your ashes. If your main concern is protecting the environment, then Treehugger points out that choosing eco-friendly burial options may be your best bet.


Put Any Plans In Writing and Discuss Them With Family

Once you have your funeral wishes figured out, you need to get them in writing. You can include your burial and funeral plans in your overall estate plan, which should also include a last will and testament, designations for beneficiaries, and any medical or power of attorney documents you think may be necessary.

If you’re not sure which documents you need, working with an estate attorney should provide you with the answers you need to ensure that your end-of-life wishes are carried out after your death. Be clear about your intentions regarding your property, too, as selling a home comes with its own extensive paperwork to complete. You’ll want to have everything in place to alleviate additional stress on your loved ones after your passing.

In addition to writing out your last wishes, you should also discuss funeral plans with any loved ones you feel may be appropriate. While it’s a challenging conversation, talking things through can make you and your family feel better about your decisions. You might even want to make things easier for your loved ones by using this tool when you need to combine PDF files into one easy-to-access file.


Decide the Future of Your Business

Arranging for the sale of your business after you pass away can be a complex process, but it’s important to ensure the longevity and financial stability of your company. One option is to establish a buy-sell agreement with potential buyers or co-owners. Another is to create a trust that will transfer ownership of the business to your chosen beneficiaries. It’s crucial to seek the advice of a legal and financial professional to help you navigate the different options and determine the best course of action for your specific situation.


Plan for Peace of Mind

Planning your own funeral is like giving your loved ones a gift of peace of mind. Take the time to sort your options so you can give this precious gift to your family and friends. That way you can focus on enjoying your life now, and your family can focus on healing when your time comes..


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