Generations of Grace: Celebrating Women’s Strength with a Planned Future

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women across generations. From shattering glass ceilings to building empires, women are reshaping the world. But amidst the triumphs, a crucial conversation often gets sidelined: wealth preservation and legacy Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Estate Planning is an Act of Love for Your Family

Forget the fleeting sweetness of candy hearts and wilting roses this year. Celebrate your love for your family in a meaningful and lasting way: through the gift of proactive planning. While estate planning might not sound traditionally romantic, trust us, it’s one of the most significant Continue reading

Leave the Sweetest Legacy: Why Estate Planning is a Love Language We All Speak

This Valentine’s Day, skip the fleeting sweetness of chocolates and express your love in a way that truly transcends a single day. Gift your loved ones the lasting security and peace of mind that comes with proactive planning. It may not sound traditionally romantic, but trust us, Continue reading

Black History Month & Legacy Planning: Closing the Gap

As we celebrate Black History Month, we reflect on the incredible accomplishments and enduring resilience of our ancestors. They fought tirelessly for freedom, justice, and the opportunity to build a better future for generations to come. But let’s face it, the path towards creating Continue reading

Weathering the Storm: Disaster Preparedness and Estate Planning for Black Families


Black History Month is a time to celebrate resilience, achievements, and cultural heritage. But it’s also an opportunity to reflect on the ongoing challenges faced by the Black community, including vulnerability to disasters and lack of access to resources. Proactive planning, including Continue reading

Honoring Dr. King’s Legacy…

Today, as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we remember not only a visionary leader, but a tireless advocate for justice, equality, and autonomy.

Dr. King’s legacy is not confined to a single day; it is a living testament to the power of nonviolent resistance, unwavering hope, Continue reading

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