Not a One Size Fits All

Who’s ready for summer? I know I’m not… yet.

Recently I have decided to really get serious about being healthy and looking good. I have always been health conscious and worked out here or there, but never really made a choice and stuck to it. In my teen years I was the fittest I have ever been, my younger self might be disappointed. I would be so strict with myself, counting calories, always active, and drinking plenty of water. If I went over my calories for that day, I was working it off. Like most people the freshman fifteen hit me like a ton of bricks. Reality set in, and disciple took on a different form, hitting the books. This brought on another type of side effect, stress eating. It seemed to be one thing after the next and before I knew college had come and gone. I was the biggest I’ve ever been, with two kids, and no idea where to really start. I started to calorie count here and there which turned into “watching what I ate”. The way I was looking at it was that as long as I was being healthy “for the most part” I would achieve what I wanted. Not true, I had to come up with a plan, and not just any plan. I had to join some kind of program. With my weight-loss journey and lifestyle change I knew that I was on the right path, but I wasn’t quite there. I could do my research and see what worked for other people, join a gym and consistently go there, but what I really needed was someone to help me with my plan and make sure I executed it. See with anything that you want to do there are always people who know how to get you there. I needed someone to help me figure out the details.

This got me thinking that getting healthy is kind of like Estate planning. You need someone to help figure out the details. Having an expert who can answer any and all questions is a whole lot better than trying to do google searches. Some people come to me fully prepared, knowing exactly what they want and might need to fit their family’s needs. Some people come in with no idea, except that they want some kind of plan to protect their family in the future. Most law offices will provide a starting point. You may be given a questionnaire to complete, and a list of documents to take with you to your meeting. This will save time and possibly money by completing the questionnaire and compiling the documents before your consultation. See much like my health journey there is some initial prep that needs to be done. However once I met with my fitness expert I was able to really start seeing results. Working on my health is a lifelong thing. I will have to stay in constant communication with my trainer to ensure the best results. So you catching my drift? Same with Estate Planning! You have to stay in communication with your Attorney. Maybe not as often as you would a trainer however, it is recommended every 3 years or when assets change.  You take care of the things you love, your family and your plan for them afterwards is one of those things you create a plan for.

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